Driven by an impetus to switch off from our fast paced technological lives and take pause from the noise of our increasingly anxious world, Liza’s paintings seek to 

    re-engage with our instinct - that quiet, inexplicable voice within us that communicates an emotion or feeling only art or music can evoke.  Communicating simply through the use of colour, form and texture, Liza’s paintings draw inspiration from her surroundings in a subliminal way.  Urban form and landscapes  are distilled unconsciously to convey their initial impact,  presence or emotion. Each painting will have a different meaning to the viewer, speaking to an individual in a unique way. 

    ‘I hope my work is approachable, un-intimidating, balanced and pleasing, speaking  honestly to its observer in that pure and simple way. It seems ever more vital, we don’t render ourselves blind to that deep primal language and tune in to our visual and emotional intelligence, so often undervalued.  My work is not about how it makes you think, but essentially how it makes you feel’. 

    Acrylic on raw canvas works...

    Large brush strokes are painted out on to raw canvases, then often switched around and reconfigured to create new and accidental compositions. Hard lines and edges contrast with free, instinctive painterly mark making, creating tension between shapes and a play between positive and negative space

    Mixed media works....

    Using gesso, pumice textured paint, pigment powder and collage. Some works are multi layered, using vintage papers, worn card, on distressed board or  organic canvas. Contrasting textures are used to create tension between shapes -  the fragility of the worn card set against pure pigment colour. 





    Liza Giles trained in fine art and printed textiles  at Liverpool JM University. She began working as a textile designer, before pursuing an 18 year career as Art Director, working on interior photo shoots around the world.

    Now, as a full time painter, Liza works from her London based studio and her paintings are in private collections worldwide including, USA, Japan, Russia, Europe, Hong Kong,  New Zealand, Austrailia, Brazil, South Africia, China, Peru and the UK.


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    Solo exhibition Art house56 London April 2017

    Dulwich Open studios London June 2017

    Group show Bussey building London September 2017

    Solo exhibition OFF CUTS  Art house56 June 2018

    BREEZE art fair Cornwall with Stoneman Gallery Sept 2018

    MONOTONE solo exhibition Art house56 London March 2019

    Solo exhibition 225 Westbourne gallery June 2019

    Solo exhibition Art house56 London September 2019

    Art & Fashion exhibition Chinti & Parker October 2019

    Group show Roman Sviridov Gallery Milan (virtual) 2020

    Group show 'Puzzle' Roman Sviridov Gallery Milan 2021

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