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BLACK/SAP/OLIVE/GREY QUADIPTYCH  2022  acrylic on raw canvas 2650 mm x 1150mm

FLOWERS BLUE  COM I  2022  acrylic on raw canvas 2150MM X 1550MM

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 11.44.15.png

BLACK  QUADIPTYCH COM III   2022  acrylic on raw canvas 2750 mm x 1200mm


SIENNA/BLACK/WHITE TRIPTYCH  (composition I)  2022  acrylic on raw linen 1850mm x 900mm

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BLACK, BURNT SIENNA & PLASTER TRIPTYCH  (composition II)  2021  acrylic on raw canvas  2600mm x 1150mm

GRASS TRIPTYCH  COM II 2022  acrylic on raw canvas 1850mm X 1350mm

UMBER/BLACK DIPTYCH acrylic on raw canvas 11400mm X 900mm

BLACK/GRASS/GREY STRIPE TRIPTYCH acrylic on raw canvas 2100mm X 900mm

BLACK/GRASS TRIPTYCH acrylic on raw canvas 1900mm  X 1150mm

BLACK/SIENNA/GREY TRIPTYCH acrylic on raw canvas 2300 mm X 1000mm

BLACK  TRIPTYCH COM IV acrylic on raw canvas 1550 mm X 2050mm

BLACK/BURNT UMBER POLYPTYCH  acrylic on raw canvas 1240 mm X 2750mm

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